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Custom made furniture

All our products can be customized according to your taste and needs. The Customer can change the material and dimensions of almost all products. You can also create your own design and we will help you with the design and implementation!

We manufacture high-quality, custom-made stone furniture – specializing in marble, quartz, ceramics and granite.

If you can’t find the stone you want in our selection of materials, don’t worry! You can always send us a request and we will check the availability of the material.

How does the process work?

After receiving the necessary information, we will send you a price quote (during 1 -2 business days).

Once the customer has confirmed all dimensions, materials and drawings, an invoice for the whole amount will be sent out.


After we receive a prepayment of 50% we will start manufacturing the product. Rest of the invoice shall be paid when the product is ready, before delivery. Customer can also pay the amount in full.


During the process, we inform and educate our customers about the materials and give advice on how to properly clean and maintain the stone.


Most of our clientele wants to order stone furniture on their own terms. Usually, the customer contacts us with a request or idea, we ask for a drawing/inspiration image (for example from Pinterest), measurements and desired materials. Based on this information, we can create final drawings and price estimates. Many inquiries have produced excellent end results. Beautiful dining tables and side tables, pedestals and consoles. Shown here are the wonderful end results realized from our clients’ visions.

You can find even more pictures of our work on our Instagramist.

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