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Here you will find our most ordered and most popular materials. If you cant find what you are after, contact us! We have a wide selection of materials!


Quartz is an engineered stone. It consists of natural materials (quartzite and granite) mixed with glass mirror fractions, other reusable materials and color pigments. Quartz is a beautiful, long-lasting, strong, hard-to-scratch and stain-resistant material – perfect for tables and other surfaces that are used on a daily bases!


Marble is a beautiful natural stone quarried from mountains all over the world. First, large stone blocks are cut out of the mountain and later shaped into marble slabs.

Marble is a classic, timeless material that has always been very popular in the field of interior design.


Granite is a natural stone that forms from the slow crystallization of magma beneath the Earth’s surface. Raw granite is removed from the ground in blocks and later shaped into granite slabs.

Why is Granite good? It is extremely strong and durable, very difficult to break and also has heat resistant properties. Each piece of granite is unique because it forms naturally beneath the Earth’s soil!


Italian ceramic tile made using a special process. It is made of natural granite, ceramic and other raw materials, resulting in a remarkable end result due to its exceptional properties.

Why is ceramics good? It is extremely strong and thin, durable, easy to clean, resistant to heat and cold, and also antibacterial. It is an ideal material for tables and other surfaces in daily use.

Crystal Absolute White / Techniston

Palatino / Quarella

Bianco Venere / Quarella

Miami Vena / Silestone

Nolita / Silestone

Snowy Ibiza / Silestone

White Arabesque / Silestone

Lime Delight / Silestone

Bianco Marte / Quarella

Noble Carrara / Technistone

Mystery White / Technistone

Bianco Saturno / Quarella

Etheral Glow / Silestone

Etheral Haze / Silestone

Eternal Calacatta Gold /Silestone

Calacatta Volegno / Technistone

Calacatta Serchio / Technistone

Calacatta Olympos / Technistone

Versailles Ivory / Silestone

Pearl Jasmine / Silestone

Eclectic Pearl / Silestone

Bianco Diana / Quarella

Noble Areti Bianco / Technistone

Noble Arco / Technistone

Pearl Alba / Technistone

Lagoon / Silestone

Desert Silver / Silestone

Crystal Calacatta Silva / Technistone

Noble Botticino / Technistone

Ambiente Light / Technistone

Blanco Maple / Silestone

Elegance Eco Nev / Silestone

Stellar Snow / Silestone

Posidonia Green – Silestone

Cala Blue – Silestone

Arcilla Red – Silestone

Noble Calista / Technistone

Crystal Royal / Technistone

Castello / Quarella

Bianco Drift – Ceasarstone

Moorland Fog / Technistone

Noble Perlato Luna / Technistone

Concrete Pulse / Silestone

Victorian Silver / Silestone

Imagine Grey / Technistone

Noble Olympos Mist / Technistone

Grigio Leda / Quarella

Noble Desiree Grey / Technistone

Coral Clay / Silestone

Brass Relish /Silestone

Gris Expo / Silestone

Parisien Bleu / Silestone

Grigio Ophelia / Quarella

Decore Ocra / Technistone

Taurus Terazzo White / Technistone

Taurus Terazzo Black / Technistone

Brilliant Black / Technistone

Bohemian Flame / Silestone

Romantic Ash / Silestone

Pearl Rocca / Technistone

Pearl Delta / Technistone

Noble Imperial Grey / Technistone

Gobi Black / Technistone

Poetic Black / Technistone

Starlight Black / Technisrone

Stellar Night / Silestone


Bianco Carrara C

Breccia Sarda

Emperador Dark

Verde Imeriale

Verde Alpi

Port Laurent

Verde Guatemala

Nero Marquina

Palladio Moro


Palladio Doge


Tinta Unita Bianco / Nuovo Corso

Calacatta Oro / Nuovo Corso

Alabastro / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

I Naturali Bianco Lasa / Laminam

Calacatta Oro / Nuovo Corso

Calce Bianco / Laminam

I Naturali Ardesia Bianco a Spacco / Laminam

Hermon / Nuovo Corso

I Naturali Diamond Cream / Laminam

I Naturali Statuarietto / Laminam

Diamond Cristallo Gold – Laminam (upon order)

Negev / Nuovo Corso (upon order)’

Imperial / Nuovo Corso

Ballet / Nuovo Corso

I Naturali Arabescato / Laminam

I Naturali Invisible White / Laminam

I Naturali Bianco Statuario Venato / Laminam

I Naturali Calacatta MIchelangelo / Laminam

I Naturali Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato / Laminam

Calacatta Dorato / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Light Red Calacatta / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Hermitage / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Paonazzetto Reale / Nuovo Corso

Arabescato Viola / Nuovo Corso

I Naturali Statuario Altissimo / Laminam

Bianco Laguna / Nuovo Corso

Meraki / Nuovo Corso

Statuario Leonardo / Nuovo Corso

Norwegian Stone Beige / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Taj Mahal / Nuovo Corso

Arenaria Stone Beige / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Travertino Stone Beige / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Pierre Parisienne Greige / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Breccia Reale / Nuovo Corso

Fokos Terra / Laminam

I Naturali Pietra Grey / Laminam

Calce Grigio / Laminam

Cement Ash / Nuovo Corso

Boulevard Grey – Nuovo Corso

Calce Tortora / Laminam (upon order)

Calce Antracite / Laminam

Pietra Grigia / Nuovo Corso

Superwhite – Nuovo Corso

Sahara Grey / Nuovo Corso (upon order)

Diamond Calacatta Black / Laminam

Fior di Bosco / Nuovo Corso

IN-SIDE Pietra Piasentina Taupe / Laminam

I Naturali Noir Desir / Laminam

Masada / Nuovo Corso

Kenya / Nuovo Corso

Collection Nero Assoluto / Laminam

Sahara Noir / Nuovo Corso

Ossido Nero / Laminam

I Naturali Ardesia Nero a Spacco / Laminam


Cotton White

Jura Grey

Juparana Colombo

Lemon Ice

Verde Aquarius

Baltic Brown

Black Cosmic

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