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Natural Stone vs. Quartz and Ceramics

Stone Properties and History

Marble has been used in construction, interior design and decoration for thousands of years. Granite has been used for the same purposes around 1880.

Stone has always been a luxurious material and a kind of status symbol that is used to this day.

Now, so-called “artificial stones” such as quartz and ceramics, which are artificially created to imitate natural stone, have also been added to the selection. During the process, they have of course been developed to be significantly stronger and more durable than natural stone. Natural materials are also used in the production of pressed stone and ceramics.

Since man-made stone is significantly more durable than natural stone in terms of its properties, its price is also often more expensive. Which can come as a big surprise to the customer. Many people have the idea that marble is the most luxurious, strongest and best material.

Granite mine
The use of marble in Roman architecture








Natural stone

Natural stone, marble and granite, are classic materials that have a wonderful history and appearance. But you have to remember that natural stone is porous and softer, and that’s why a stain may remain on it when it comes into contact with an acidic or colored drink or food. Natural stone must be stored and cared for more than man-made quartz or ceramics. Of course, for many, the charm of the natural material lies in the traces of wear, it brings out the naturalness and life of the stone.

Ceramics and Quartz

The properties of both, quartz and ceramic, contain many outstandingly good properties: scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, heat-resistant (ceramic), antibacterial, extremely strong and durable. You could almost say that “artificial stones” are designed to last forever. You’ll probably get tired of the look of the material before it wears off.

In addition to durability and excellent properties, quartz and ceramic have an incredible range of beautiful colors and patterns.


Quartz samples
Ceramics in interior design








The Corners selection

In our selection you will find everything, natural marble and granite, as well as pressed stone quartz and ceramics.

We are always there for our customers to advise them on the properties of the stones and to give the best advice on how to store and maintain the materials!

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