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The Corners story

The idea of The Corners was born, as always, from a personal need. We acquired a new nest and eagerly began to furnish it. However, it often turned out to be difficult to find just the right cabinet or table, sometimes the dimensions did not match, and other times the color or material. That’s how we decided to make and produce some things ourselves and adapt some to our own taste. That’s how we got the perfect furniture pieces for our home. We were very satisfied with them ourselves and we also received a lot of good feedback from the guests.

From there, the idea slowly began to mature and we decided to bring together Grete’s interest in interior design and design and Tauri’s knowledge and skills in execution and materials. Our goal is to produce furniture that is timeless, unique and of high quality.

In addition, we also want to give every customer the opportunity to change and adapt our designs, because every taste and home is (and should be) different. All our products can be customized by choosing a stone, ceramic or quartz from our selection of materials that you like and changing the measurements to fit your home perfectly! You design and customize, we do!

Our products are characterized by elegance, strong lines, outstanding materials and high quality. All products are manufactured in Estonia, and at the moment our main focus is on various tables and pedestals, the materials of which we use metal and stone. You can find marble, granite, quartz and ceramics in our selection. We have carefully selected materials that are timeless yet trendy.

With our services, we hope to help you find just the right piece of furniture in the right dimensions and colors, the like of which cannot be found in any other home.

We welcome all questions, inquiries and ideas!

PS In the post, you can also find some pictures of the same, the first shared nest, which gave impetus to the birth of The Corners! 🙂

Grete and Tauri

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