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The secrets of marble and how to care for it

Marble, with its unparalleled elegance and timeless beauty, has decorated homes and architectural wonders for centuries. This exquisite natural stone carries a rich history and will always remain a symbol of luxury and elegance.

It is often believed that all white stone is Marble – although there are hundreds of varieties of marble that are quarried everywhere in the world. Most popular of them come from Italy and Spain (you can find many of them in our selection), but marble is also quarried in China, Turkey and India.

Marble is formed inside the Earth through limestone metamorphosis under heat and pressure. This natural process gives marble its characteristic pattern and whirls, turning each slab into a unique masterpiece. The diverse color palette of marble ranges from classic whites and creamy tones to enchanting blues greens and deep blacks, ensuring endless possibilities in the world of interior design. 

How to care for Marble?

Due to its porous surface, this beautiful and timeless material requires a little more care and love than some other stones. When choosing marble as a dining table or a worktop material, you need to carefully consider whether you are comitted to take care of it and protect it. So that the surface can remain beautiful and clean for years to come.

The surfaces of different marbles vary, some are more absorbant than others. Honed marble will open the stones pores and it will stain more likely than polished Marble.

The biggest danger to marble is contact with acidic and colored liquids or foods, such as citrus and red wine. To avoid scratches you should protect the surface from sharp objects.


Tips & Tricks how to keep your Marble clean and fresh

  • Protect against stains – Marble is naturally porous and absorbent, so it is recommended to wipe off any leaks immediately, especially from acidic substances such as citrus juices or wine. Consider using coasters under glasses and plates to avoid direct contact with the surface of the stone.
  • Regular cleaning – Gently clean marble surfaces using a soft, preferably microfiber cloth or sponge and a neutral cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or acidic, alcohol-containing detergents that can dull or corrode the stone. From our selection you will also find 100% natural and gentle cleaning and protective products for marble.
  • Protection – Marble is a porous material and waxing or oiling helps protect against stains and moisture absorption. Consult with a professional to determine the appropriate products and use for specific marble surfaces.
  • Avoid heat damage: Always use hot trays under hot objects to avoid discoloration.
  • Gentle daily care: Periodically dust the surface and use a soft, damp cloth for routine maintenance. Avoid using rough washcloths and sponges that can scratch the surface of marble.


We always advise and inform all our clients about the qualities of the material and their maintenance! 🙂

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