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Dining table Hexa Ceramic


Dining table Hexa Ceramic


Monthly payment from 80.05 / 60 months
  • Available to order in marble, granite, quartz and ceramic
  • Dimensions: 120 x 74
  • Delivery time 2 – 4 weeks


Dining Table Hexa Ceramic combines elegance and timeless beauty. A round table top supported by one strong, hexagon shaped leg. Hexa is crafted 100% from stone and can be made from your choice of Marble, Granite, Quartz or Ceramic.

Ceramic is the most durable stone on the market, it is scratch, stain and heat resistant, easy to clean and does not require special care. An ideal choice for families with children! To find your favorite stone, check out our selection of materials here.

The round stone dining table Hexa is perfect for formal dinners as well as relaxing family meals. It is the perfect combination of functionality and luxury that will add style and elegance to your dining room.

The Corners luxury stone dining table is the perfect choice for those who want to add luxury and timeless elegance to their interior.

We are committed to providing unique and high-quality stone products that emphasize your individuality and take your interior design game to the next level! All our products, their dimensions and materials can be customized according to the customer’s taste and needs!

Check out our selection of materials here.

We will bring your vision to life!

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 120 × 74 cm

Ballet Ceramics, Calacatta Michelangelo Ceramics, Calacatta Oro Ceramics, Pietra Grey Ceramics, Taj Mahal Ceramics


Mat, Polished

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